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Evolution and Ecology of Fish Reproduction


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Carlotta Mazzoldi

email: carlotta.mazzoldi@unipd.it

phone: +39 0498276194

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2004-present: Researcher in Comparative Anatomy, Department of Biology, University of Padova;
2000-2002: Post Doc at the University of Padova;
1997-1999: PhD in Evolutionary Biology, University of Padova;
1995: laurea in Biological Science cum laude, University of Padova.

Research experience

2002: comparative analysis of the morphology of male reproductive apparatus of teleost fish, at the National History Museum of London, in collaboration with Dr. A.C. Gill, financed by SYS-RESOURCE (European Community - Access to Research Infrastructure action of the Improving Human Potential Programme)
2001: study of reproductive strategies e morphology of male reproductive apparatus in species of the family Cottidae (Teleostei), in collaboration with Dr. C.W. Petersen, at Friday Harbor Laboratories (Washington, USA)
1996: study of reproductive behaviour and fertilization dynamics of demersal spawner teleosts with Dr. C.W. Petersen, at the College of the Atlantic (Maine, USA), financed by a fellowship of the University of Padova.

Research interests

My main research interests are focused on reproductive ecology of teleost fish. More specifically, I’m interested in male and female investment in gametes and sexual traits, with respect to the breeding habitats and reproductive modalities. Since my PhD thesis I worked on Fertilization dynamics and the influence of sperm competition in gobies, while I’m currently interested on studying Nest choice and egg characteristics in demersal spawners.

Other ongoing projects include:
· the analyses of fishery impacts and consequences on fish populations in the northern Adriatic Sea, one of the most fished areas of the Mediterranean. Indeed the understanding of trophic and, in general, biological relationships among species and the consequent effects of fishing pressure on the ecosystem appear of major importance for a sustainable management of marine resources;
· coastal fish assemblages of rocky shores with the aim of understanding the major factors shaping their structure (with Matteo Pizzolon).