Spiridione GARBISA

Professor of Histology
University of Padova 

Dept. of Experimental
Biomedical Sciences, 
viale G. Colombo 3,
35121 Padova, Italy

tel +39 049 827 6088
fax +39 049 827 6089

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   and natural sciences
In brief

born March 22, 1949: Venezia, Italy
degree 1972: Biological Sciences, University of Padova, Italy
full marks cum laude
academic from 2002: full professor of histology, University of Padova, Italy
96-'98: Member of Senate, University of Padova, Italy
research structure-expression of extra-cellular matrix structural proteins
ECM degradation in inflammation, physiological and tumoral invasiveness
physio/pharmacological activation and inhibition of proteolytic enzymes
patents 2001: "Method of inhibiting leukocyte elastase", PCT/IB02/01877
2003: "Herbal remedy for bacterial infections", 03 425 342.7
4 years ('78-'86): National Insts of Health, Pathology Lab., Bethesda, USA
6 months ('85): National Insts of Health, Carcinogenesis Lab., Frederick, USA
1 month ('97): Univ. California at Los Angeles (UCLA), USA
author 160 publications in international peer-reviewed journals (total IF.2007 > 660)
and books including: Nature, Nature Med., Science, J.Natl.Cancer Inst.,
J.Clin.Invest., Lancet, EMBO J., EMBO Rep., Cancer Res., Hepatology,
J.Biol.Chem., Am.J.Pathol., J.Immunol.
book book (in Italian): Il peso della qualità accademica, 1995, CLEUP Padova, Italy -
reviewed by Nature
editor international book: Cancer Metastasis, 1988, Plenum Press NY
board member
from 2003: Clinical Cancer Research
from 2005: Current Cancer Therapy Reviews
referee from 1988: for 34 international journals, including:
  Arterioscl.Throm.Vas. (IF 7.4) and FASEB Journal (IF 7.2)
consultant National Cancer Institute, National Insts of Health, USA
Scientific Co-operation Italy-USA, Cancer Prevention & Control Committee
United Nations Industrial Development Organiz. (UNIDO-ICS)
invited discussant 1996: "G7" Consensus Conference (Capri, Italy):
   "Theory & Practice of Research Assessment"
2002: Cold Spring Harbor Lab. Workshop (NY):
   "Green Tea and Cancer" called by J. Watson


spiridione garbisa, University of Padova, Italy