Our current research topics

The research activity of the laboratory aims at understanding the structure-function relationship of several proteins involved in central physiological or pathological processes. The main lines of research are:


1) Metalloproteins

a) Tyrosine hydroxylase, which is involved in the rating-limited step of dopamine synthesis
b) Superoxide dismutase 2, a mitochondrial protein which exerts a protective role against oxidative stress
c) Hemocianins, which mediate the oxygen transport in molluscs and arthropods
d) Tyrosinase, which is of central importance to the biosynthesis of melanin


2) α-Synuclein and Parkinson disease

a) Conformational distribution of monomers
b) Membrane-bound conformation
c) Aggregation processes


3) LRRK2 and Parkinson disease

a) Mitochondrial function and axonal transport in LRRK2 and alpha-synuclein models
b) Biochemical characterization of LRRK2 and identification of LRRK2 cellular pathways

4) Oxidative stress and Parkinson disease

a) Dopamine-derived quinones interactions with target proteins
b) Dopamine-derived quinones toxicity toward mitochondria

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