Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology Unit

The Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology Unit (SynBio) was created at the Department of Biology, University of Padua in 2018. SynBio started merging three teams of our Department having established expertise in the field. SynBio team is headed as co-P.I. by the Faculty staff and we integrate our interdisciplinary background to manage workpackages as a single team.


In Research and Development, we take advantage from in silico predictions, simulations and rational design to boost the wet lab molecular characterization of proteins, genes, regulatory elements and cell factories, and to develop products and tools of biotechnological interest.


We are active in multiple research fields, such as biocatalysis and bioremediation, antimicrobials design, structural biology and protein engineering, nanobodies, reverse vaccinology and influenza immunoinformatics, development of biomimetics in regenerative medicine, design and 3D printing of research devices and bioprinting, improvement and use of bacterial and cyanobacterial cell factories. Further SynBio member Prof. Pietro Benedetti is currently working in Rome at an Astrobiology project.

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