BAM 19 (1) 2009

Translational Myology Special Section

Focus on Cardiomyoplasty

Eric Monnet, Editor

Table of Contents



Editorial              3        Eric Monnet : Focus on Cardiomyoplasty

Articles               5        Cardiomyoplasty reviewed: Lessons from the past, prospects for the future

                                  Stanley Salmons, Jonathan C. Jarvis

                       17        Long-term outcome of dynamic cardiomyoplasty in France

Pierre Andr Grandjean, Juan Carlos Chachques, Olivier Jegaden for the French O. Jegaden,
                                      P. Mikaeloff; V. Bors, I. Ganjbakhch, A. Pavie, T. Mesana, D. Metras, A. Mouly-Bandini,
                                      G. Fournial, Y. Cardiomyoplasty Investigators Workgroup (A. Carpentier, JC. Chachques,
                                      F.Delahaye, Glock, D. Roux; T. Popof, JP. Elbze)

                          25        Latissimus dorsi tetanic fusion frequency in clinical settings: Monitoring
fast to slow muscle
                                      transformation during 
follow-up of  Demand Dynamic Cardiomyoplasty
                                      Gianluca Rigatelli, Ugo Carraro

                       31        Functional electrical stimulation of skeletal muscle implications for cardiovascular support
Trisha Kesar, William P. Santamore, Ramu Perumal, Stuart A. Binder-Macleod

                       35        Linear muscle power for cardiac support

                                  Dennis R. Trumble

                       41        Inter-ventricular septum: New observations on the structure and function coupling

                                      Antonio F. Corno, Mladen J. Kocica, Lindsey A. Chappory, Sally A. Moore, Hazel Sutherland,

                                      Nelson Alphonso, Jonathan C. Jarvis

                          49        Biophysical effects of high frequency electrical field (4 MHz) on muscle fibers in culture

                                      Marco Dal Maschio, Marta Canato, Filippo M. Pigozzo, Alberto Cipullo, GianAntonio Pozzato,
                                      Carlo Reggiani

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