European Journal of Translational Myology - Basic Applied Myology


 Vol. 27 (4) 2017


Table of Contents




    185-224                IIM_Meeting_Perspective Report and Abstracts of the 14th Meeting of IIM, the Interuniversity Institute of Myology, - Assisi (Italy), October 12-15, 2017
                                   Davide Gabellini (1), Antonio Musarò (2,3)

    225-233                Mobility disorders and pain, interrelations that need new research concepts and advanced clinical commitments

                                   Sascha Sajer  

    234-238                A mini-review of TAT-MyoD fused proteins: state of the art and problems to solve
                                   Marco Patruno (1), Luca Melotti (1), Chiara Gomiero (1), Roberta Sacchetto (1), Ohad Topel (2), Tiziana Martinello (1) 

    239-245               Electrical Stimulation Frequency and Skeletal Muscle Characteristics: Effects on Force and Fatigue
                                  Maria Vromans (1), Pouran Faghri (1,2)

    246-250                Comparison of elbow flexor isokinetic peak torque and fatigue index between men and women of different training level
                                   Paulo Gentil (1), Mario Hebling Campos (1), Saulo Soares (2), Gustavo De Conti Teixeira Costa (1), Antonio Paoli (3),
                                   Antonino Bianco (4), Martim Bottaro (2)

    251-254                Comparison of strategies and performance of functional electrical stimulation cycling in spinal cord injury pilots for competition in the first  ever CYBATHLON
                                   Christine Azevedo Coste (1), Vance Bergeron (2), Rik Berkelmans (3), Emerson Fachin Martins (4), Ché Fornusek (5),
                                   Arnin Jetsada (6), Kenneth J. Hunt (7), Raymond Tong (8), Ronald Triolo (9), Peter Wolf (10)

    255-258                Strategies and performances of Functional Electrical Stimulation Cycling using the BerkelBike with Spinal Cord Injury in a competition context (CYBATHLON)
                                   Rik Berkelmans (1), Billy Woods (2) (1) BerkelBike BV, Nieuwstraat 37, 5271 AC, Sint-Michielsgestel The Netherlands; (2) Active Linx,
                                   Allia Future Business Centre, Peterborough, PE2 8AN, UK

    259-264                The road to Cybathlon 2016 - Functional electrical stimulation cycling Team IRPT/SPZ
                                   Marco Laubacher (1,2), Efe Anil Aksöz (1,2), Ines Bersch (3), Kenneth James Hunt (1)

    265-271                Participation to the first Cybathlon: an overview of the FREEWHEELS team FES-cycling solution
                                   Benoît Sijobert (1), Charles Fattal (2), Anne Daubigney (3), Christine Azevedo-Coste (1)

    272-278                FES Bike Race preparation to Cybathlon 2016 by EMA team: a short case report
                                   Juliana Araujo Guimarães (1), Lucas Oliveira da Fonseca (1,2), Ana Carolina de Sousa (2), Miguel Eduardo Gutierrez Paredes (2),
                                   George Andrew Brindeiro (2), Antônio Padilha Lanari Bó (1,2), Emerson Fachin-Martins (1)

    279-288               Functional electrical stimulation cycling strategies tested during preparation for the First Cybathlon Competition – a practical report from team ENS de Lyon
                                  Amine Metani (1), Lana Popović-Maneski (2), Sebastien Mateo (1,3,4), Laura Lemahieu (1), Vance Bergeron (1) 

    289-294                Cycle Training Using Implanted Neural Prostheses: Team Cleveland
                                   John McDaniel (1,2), Lisa M. Lombardo (1), Kevin M. Foglyano (1), Paul D. Marasco (1,3), Ronald J.Triolo (1,4)

    295-301                Development of practical functional electrical stimulation cycling systems based on an electromyography study of the Cybathlon 2016
                                   Jetsada Arnin, Traisak Yamsa-ard, Preechapawan Triponyuwasin, Yodchanan Wongsawat

    302-307                The Effectiveness of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) in On-Off Mode for Enhancing the Cycling Performance of Team Phoenix at 2016 Cybathlon
                                   Kenry WC Leung (1), Raymond KY Tong (1), Xiaojun Wang (1), Ginny TY Lee, Peter MK Pang (2), HW Wai (2), HC Leung (2)