European Journal of Translational Myology - Basic Applied Myology


 Vol. 27 (1) 2017


Table of Contents




Myo News       2-32     XIII IIM - Myology Meeting, October 13–16, 2016 (Italy), Abstracts


Review           33-39   The contribution of neuromuscular stimulation in elucidating muscle plasticity revisited.

                                    Dirk Pette, Gerta Vrbová


Articles          40-42    Neuromuscular disorder as initial manifestation of secondary hyperparathyroidism – a case report

                                    Karim Hajjar, Tim Hagenacker


                       43-50   Denervation does not induce muscle atrophy through oxidative stress

                                   Eva Pigna, Emanuela Greco, Giulio Morozzi, Silvia Grottelli, Alessio Rotini, Alba Minelli, Stefania Fulle,
                                   Sergio Adamo, Rosa Mancinelli, Ilaria Bellezza, Viviana Moresi


                      51-66    Nutrition, pharmacological and training strategies adopted by six bodybuilders: case report and critical review

                                   Paulo Gentil, Claudio Andre Barbosa de Lira, Antonio Paoli, José Alexandre Barbosa dos Santos,
                                   Roberto Deivide Teixeira da Silva, José Romulo Pereira Junior, Edson Pereira da Silva, Rodrigo Ferro Magosso


Letters           67-70    Of faeces and sweat. How much a mouse is willing to run: having a hard  time measuring spontaneous physical
                                    activity in different
mouse sub-strains

                                    Dario Coletti, Sergio Adamo, Viviana Moresi


                       71-73   Maintaining motor units into old age: running the final common pathway

                                   Geoffrey A. Power, Brian H. Dalton, Kevin Gilmore, Matti D. Allen, Timothy J. Doherty, Charles L. Rice


                       74-76   The tongue, mandible, hyoid system

                                   Giuseppe Messina